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This month we teamed up with Robinsons to launch a new campaign, encouraging the nation to ‘Enjoy Drinking More Water.’ 

Teams of Brand Ambassadors are currently touring the UK, installing branded Squeeze Me squash stations within workplaces, in a bid to encourage Brits to drink more water. 

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A survey of 2,000 people conducted by One Poll for Robinsons has found that almost three quarters (70%) of those questioned have gone seven hours or more in a day, without drinking a glass of water.

Two thirds (67%) cited being ‘too busy’ during the working day to grab a glass of water. Highlighting the importance of taste, eight out of 10 (80%) respondents said they would usually choose to drink something other than water¹ , with just one in five (22.85%) claiming to love the taste of water¹.

The innovative 'Squash Stations' are capable of holding three bottles of Robinsons’ Squash’d and are ideal for the kitchen.

Workplace sampling activity will continue to take place throughout the year; samples will be given out at more than 1,000 offices across the country, aiming to reach more than half a million workers.

To drive social engagement, the brand is offering the opportunity to win a special Robinsons ‘smiley’ glass. The brand is also reaching consumers through traditional channels via outdoor advertising and a TV commercial featuring SQUASH’D.


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