Co-op celebrates great food whatever the weather

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Co-op is ready to embrace the unpredictability of British summer and help customers do the same. They’re asking Facebook fans to help co-create new dishes by suggesting their ‘secret ingredients’.

A selection of these unique meals will then be shared across dozens of city centres, events and festivals, delivering their delicious dishes to over a million people.

To help invigorate office lunches and feed festival-goers, we're helping the brand bring its Unpredictable Summer Menu to the UK’s major city centres, festivals and cultural events. Dishes will be served from a branded Co-op Airstream, and there’ll be roving Piaggio scooters packed with On-the-Go samples.

We know that Co-op customers live busy lives, but love variety and the opportunity to try something new.Therefore, as commuters head home, Brand Ambassadors will be there to greet them with recipe boxes containing all the ingredients necessary to help keep dinner unpredictable too. As part of Co-op’s summer campaign, they will be raising money for the British Red Cross by encouraging consumers who enjoyed their taster to ‘pay it forward’ by donating £1.

All money raised will contribute to an innovative partnership between Co-op and British Red Cross, launched in October 2015, to highlight and tackle loneliness and social isolation in communities across the UK. Loneliness is an issue which Co-op members have chosen as being relevant to their communities, with 1 in 7 customers and members stating that they regularly feel lonely, and 1 in 3 that they know someone in their family and community who is lonely.

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Co-op Unpredictable Summer Menu dates:

19-21 July    Liverpool city centre

22-24 July   Manchester Picnic                                                                            

23-25 July   Upfest Street Art Festival, Bristol                                             

27-29 July   Nottingham city centre                                                                

29-31 July    Lee Fest, Kent

3-5 Aug       Edinburgh city centre

4-7 Aug       Countryfile Live

10-12 Aug    Newcastle city centre

10-12 Aug    Manchester city centre

17-19 Aug    Glasgow city centre

17-19 Aug    York city centre

31 Aug - 2 Sept  Reading city centre

31 Aug - 2 Sept  Sheffield city centre

7th - 9th Sept Brighton city centre

13th - 15th Sept Cardiff city centre

13th - 15th Sept Stoke on Trent


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