- Unpredictable Summer Menu

The Thinking

A summer roadshow to inspire young millennials with new ways to think about food, and drive mass trial of Co-op’s key summer range.

How it worked

To help invigorate office lunches and feed festival-goers, we brought Co-op’s Unpredictable Summer Menu to the UK’s major city centres, festivals and events. To embrace the unpredictability of British summer and help their customers do the same, Co-op asked their Facebook fans to co-create new dishes by sharing their ‘secret ingredients’ online.

  • A selection of these mystery dishes were then served by a team of chefs from a branded Co-op Airstream, alongside roving Piaggio scooters packed with On-the-Go samples
  • Recipe boxes given to commuters heading home contained all the ingredients necessary to help keep their dinner unpredictable too
  • We raised money for the British Red Cross via a ‘pay it forward’ mechanic – helping tackle loneliness, which has been identified as an important issue amongst 18-34 year olds
  • The campaign transformed brand perceptions and showcased Co-op’s great tasting food to over 840,000 millennials



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