Fox's Biscuits

- More Yum per Crumb

iD delivered a 6-week nationwide sampling campaign for Fox's Biscuits, bringing the brand's ATL strategy to life - featuring Vinnie, 'Chief Biscwit Officer'. Roaming 'Biscwit Squads' toured city centres and office locations across the UK via branded getaway trucks.

How it worked

  • Over 400,000 Fox's Biscuits samples distributed
  • Brand Ambassadors encouraged customers to take a 'biscwit break' with Vinnie and his team
  • MONP vouchers handed out from 'the bank of Vinnie' to encourage future purchase in-store
  • Social media amplification enabled offices to request a special visit from Vinnie and his 'Biscwit Squad' via Twitter
  • The office that sent the highest number of tweets then received a surprise visit (4m online impressions overall)



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