Lipton Ice Tea

- Let's Go

Lipton, the UK’s No.1 Ice Tea brand, visited city centres nationwide for a 23 day roadshow, as part of their ‘Let’s Go’ summer campaign. Each day, urban spaces were transformed, offering the public a chance to relax and unwind with their friends.
  • At the experience, a perfectly served Lipton Ice Tea was enjoyed alongside slices of fresh fruit, offering a moment of refreshment and disrupting the usual lunchtime routine.
  • Lipton’s “Let’s Go” campaign taps into the mentality of millennials who prioritise social togetherness and aims to mobilise friends to get together and spend quality time with each other.
  • The roadshow was part of a wider integrated campaign which includes a new TV commercial, reinforcing the great taste and refreshing qualities of Lipton Ice Tea in a playful way and was supported by social and digital media campaigns.
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