Meet some of our team

Flora Hidasi

Recruitment Executive

Simon McGrath

Account Director

Mark Rigby

Operations Manager

Anna-Lena Hagen

Account Manager

Paul Bradford

Payroll Manager

Lucy Hillier

Experiential Staffing Executive

Sarah Shadare

Account Manager

Sharan Rasoda

Ambassador Coordinator

Daisy Minton

Office Manager

Ian Longmore

IQOS Retail Project Manager

Rachel Smith

Group Account Director

Zaine Venter

Group Account Director

Meg Gallagher

Account Manager

Deborah Connolly

Finance Director

Olly Holcombe

Head of Production

Cathy Henderson

Head of Talent

Paul Ephremsen


Owen Arundell

Project Manager

Vicky Whiteley

Senior Account Director

Nike Adeeko

Senior Finance Assistant

Lizzie Morrison

Senior Account Manager

Matilda Barratt

Ambassador Coordinator

Imi Sanders

Account Executive

Marcus Fox


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