Meet Felix

One of our newest recruits, Felix has a huge smile and loves a giggle. Before joining iD he was working at Tesco as a Trading Operations Manager overseeing a team of 75 colleagues, 8 team leaders and 3 team managers. His first ever job was as a night club bouncer so he’s definitely bringing the muscle to the team.

Felix is most proud of completing his degree in Business Management and Political Science and also more recently collaborating with other teams to achieve £450million on black Friday for Tesco (2016-2017)

In his spare time Felix likes playing football and spending quality time with his two beautiful kids. He also enjoys cooking Ghanaian cuisine and listening to Afrobeat music, Classical, R&B and Gospel. Someone get this boy making a Spotify playlist!

A week in Dubai is Felix’s idea of the perfect holiday and his superpower would be to travel without transport. We’re guessing so he could extend his trip to Dubai.

When asked what’s the best advice you have ever been given Felix very sensibly said that ‘women are always right’, we think this will help him in an office of mainly women. He also picked the Queen, Beyoncé and Michelle Obama as his three famous people he would most like to have dinner with. Three very strong independent women, good choices Felix.

Felix likes cats (good job to considering his famous namesake) but they are too hairy so would rather go for dogs instead, a short haired one we’re guessing. However he does have a great cat joke:

"If toast always lands butter-side down and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast to the back of a cat and drop it?"*

*iD does not condone dropping cats