Meet Flora

Flora is a source of endless entertainment in the office with her quirky and fun personality.

In her spare time Flora likes to update her plants, yes plants, Instagram account, and her ideal holiday would be hanging out with goats in a picturesque location near the hills of Buda. She also has a phobia of Raisins and Sultanas...

Flora has worked on many events and festivals, with the odd theatre shift thrown in for good measure, she has even organised a rave in a water tower. The song Flora thinks best represents her life is Bad Girls by MIA which would be a great soundtrack for her dinner with chosen celebrities Nicki Minaj, Winnie Harlow and Slick Woods (what a night that would be!)

Flora's proudest accomplishment is making it out alive after locking herself in a windowless bathroom for 10 hours without any food or her phone, Bear Grylls eat your heart out. If she could possess one super power it would be the ability to multiply herself so she could be in different locations at the same time, that would be extremely helpful if she gets locked in anymore bathrooms.

Best advice she has ever been given? Try and take a 30 minute break between consuming food and drinks (digestion related stuff).