Meet Imi

Our very own pocket rocket who likes to ‘nib’ around town ‘living her best life’.

Before joining iD Imi was completing her A-Levels whilst working as a waitress. Always one for carving her own path one of her proudest accomplishments is getting through 15 years of education, and we’re glad she found her way to us!

Never to be found far without an avocado Imi would pick to eat as much food as possible and not put on weight as her superpower.  However considering she has a phobia of pigeons we think maybe being able to fly would be a better suited superpower.

Imi’s ideal holiday would to be travelling around California, and were imagining invites would extend to both her Dachshund and sass pot of a cat.

Imi would pick Riri, Anthony Joshua and Ghandi to have dinner with and the best advice she has ever been given is to live in the moment.