Meet Sarah - Nespresso Account Manager

Before joining iD Sarah worked at the UK’s leading outsourced workforce provider recruiting large-scale workforces to meet the ever changing needs of the client. Definitely a people person and not a snake person at all.

Sarah has what she describes as ‘beyond a phobia’ of snakes. She can’t look at one, be it picture or video and it’s got to the point she won’t watch normal TV as they tend to pop up in ads (can’t say we’ve noticed this happening). It’s even got to the point she downloads/streams almost everything she watches to avoid seeing her ‘enemies’. Think it goes without saying ‘Snakes on a Plane’ is not top on her list of must watch films.

Becoming a mother is one of Sarah’s proudest accomplishments. However her perfect holiday would be an all-inclusive, adults only resort, we’re not judging! There is no denying Sarah is a foodie, she loves eating food, talking about food and asking for food so her ideal holiday would have great restaurants (lots of seafood). We’ve seen her the day she found out someone chopped up, cooked and placed £60 worth of steak she bought into a stew. It wasn’t pretty. Although we question why she had that much steak in her fridge anyway considering her hubbies been a vegan for almost a year now.

What else would her perfect holiday include? 24/7 bars, people bringing her cocktails and a great mini bar in the room. Safe to say Sarah features regularly at our Friday booze bar. Gin anyone? The holiday would also include a beautiful beach and infinity pool, despite the fact she can’t swim (someone buy the girl a Lilo!) Having already been to Jamaica, Dominica Republic and Mexico she dreaming of her next get away to St Lucia, Cuba, Maldives or Mauritius.

Backstreet Boys is Sarah’s jam, apparently it just gets her going, favourite song being “Quit Playing Games”. Looks like another weird addition to the iD Spotify playlist. She loves the colour red although she doesn’t often wear it, just loves it in small doses, and painting the town red every now and then.

Her super power would have to be to stop time. Her hubby is always rushing her to get ready, it takes her some time, and unfortunately guys just don’t seem to understand this. Imagine how long it would take her to get ready with for dinner with her three chosen celebs Bill Burr, Beyoncé and Dave Lamb.

Best advice she’s ever been given?

Try not to take anything personally. No one thinks about you as much as you do.