Meet Sharan

Sharan is made out of rainbows, unicorn dust and is iD’s resident ray of sunshine. Before joining iD she had just finished graduating from University and had a part time job at French Connection.

She is most proud of completing Tough Mudder (with a great iD team) but did cry while doing it, not like Sharan at all… But considering she has a phobia of drowning we are all super proud of her too.

If Shaz could pick to have dinner with three people it would be Zac Efron, Jake Paul and James Middleton (set a girl up?). But we think she might be a little ‘starstuck’ with those three, who would want to eat in front of Zac Efron anyway?

Always one to push the fashion boundaries Sharan loves scrolling through her favourite bloggers/vloggers in her spare time while listening to John Legend ordinary people and dreaming of her perfect getaway in Bora Bora.

If she could have one superpower Shaz would pick invisibility but we reckon this is so she can play pranks on the other half of her iD double act Matilda (Tree) who sits in the Britvic team. Shaz is the iD office joker, her favourite joke? What do you call a guy with no shin? ….. TONY! Lolz all round.

Sharan is definitely a dog lover claiming that ‘cats are evil’ and spends a considerable amount of time trying to convince our finance director to bring in Molly her pooch.

What’s the best advice she’s ever been given?

Don’t sweat the small stuff – if you won’t remember it in 5 years’ time why think about it now?