Meet Vicky

Fearless in her approach to life Vicky is a high achiever completing grade 8 piano when she was just 16. In 2014 she spent 3 months backpacking around SE Asia and this year is training to complete a marathon.

A hard worker from a young age Vicky started earning extra cash at the age of 12 and had a job at three different hairdressers between then and 15. But if she wasn’t soaking the customers she was dishing out the wrong drinks so was asked to leave all three. Safe to say hairdressing wasn’t her calling in life. So before joining iD Vicky was working in the field as a brand ambassador, something she was much better at leading her to her current role at iD as a senior account director.

Vicky is definitely a cat person having her own feline friend, Alfie, but we’ve also seen her fall in love with all of our office pooches. She loves any music by Marvin Gaye and can be regularly found singing around the office.

If she could possess one super power Vicky would pick teleportation. She had a long distance relationship London-HK for 9 months with her fiancé and said she would have killed to have had that super power! 

Best advice she has ever been given?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.