Answer the below questions and email your responses and CV to our Head of Talent, Cathy.


  1. Down to earth: Treat everyone as equals

If you were stuck in a lift with the CEO, a client and your line manager in a very awkward silence, how would you break the ice?


  1. 5 star service: Exceed expectations for clients, staff and suppliers

Tell us about the last time you experienced 5 star service


  1. Commercially minded: Treat every pound as if it were your own

If you only had £100 to live on for a month, what ingenious money saving tricks would you use to get by?


  1. Trustworthy: 25 years delivering award winning work for famous brands

If we were to ask your best friend what makes you trustworthy, what do you think they would say?


  1. Grown up relationships: build long term partnerships with clients through collaboration

Can you tell us how you’ve built up a great relationship with a brand or client in the past?


  1. Innovative: Constantly strive for new ideas and simpler ways to do things

What does the phrase ‘relentless curiosity’ mean to you?