On Friday 9th October 2015 we hosted a breakfast talk with Huib Van Bockel, former Marketing Director for Red Bull and author of The Social Brand. During the session, which was held at the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch, Huib warned that with the growth in mobile technology, the relegation of television as the second screen, and the popularity of ad-blocking software, "there is no longer an audience waiting for your message". "If you don’t have something people genuinely want to see, then they won’t engage with it," he added.
  • Huib discussed the role of brand experiences in the age of social, rather than just digital and physical, and added that brands need to produce experiences that people really want to see.
  • When planning brand activation's Bockel added that unless you are clear about your brand mission, it would be difficult to come up with suitable activity – you need to think about the product, the brand mission, and then activating that mission.

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