Targeting the breakfast club

There are many factors that brands need to take into consideration when designing sampling campaigns to encourage trial and purchase. For instance, how will they deliver the samples, will they need an attractive stand, how many brand ambassadors will they need to pull in the crowds?

Of course this mix will be unique for every brand; however each product category will have a few universal tactics that can be harnessed to deliver the very best results from the sampling campaigns. One of these things would be the location. In order to create a sampling campaign that truly engages consumers, delivers a healthy ROI and raises positive association, brands need to select the right environment to interact with their target audience at the right time.

Whilst it might seem simplistic, there are still some brands that believe that any environment is the right environment to create a sampling campaign – so long as they have footfall. Take a breakfast brand for example; do you know what the most effective environment is to drive trial of the most important meal of the day?

Our research concludes that almost across the board, train stations are the most effective environment to trial breakfast brands providing brand awareness, reach, advocacy, future purchase and ultimately ROI.

Positivity to the brand

Let's face it how many of us skip the most important meal of the day as we simply don’t have the time?  Being offered a breakfast treat on a dull Monday morning commute will automatically induce a feeling of positivity towards the brand… and get the sample into consumers’ hands at exactly the right time of day. Our research shows that 53% of consumers sampled to in train stations associated a positive experience with the breakfast brand, in comparison to those who hadn't experienced the full effect of the sampling campaign. This is up against three other environments regardless of the fact that there is usually a lower dwell time at train stations.

Reach (total samples)

It's important that your campaign is reaching as many people as possible to maximise the number of new customers and potential sales. Each environment is unique with a different profile of consumer and brands need to take into consideration the footfall of each environment to be able to set themselves realistic targets. A report published by Network Rail shows that over 500 million commuters travel through London stations on a yearly basis. Our research supports these figures; an impressive 190k samples were trialled across our breakfast campaign in comparison to just 42k in shopping centres and 55k at supermarkets.


Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. We trust recommendations from our friends over any ad, so if we start our day off with a positive experience that gets us talking it only seems natural to spread the word. 59% of consumers sampled to in train stations told 3 or more people about their experience, in comparison to only 22% in shopping centres.


Essentially driving trial leads to one important objective, driving sales! Out of those consumers sampled to within train stations 20% went on to purchase the product within 4 weeks, faring considerably better than the 14% sales supermarkets provided.


Every brand wants to know that their investment in creating an engaging consumer experience delivers a healthy return. Train stations are by far the most effective environment to prove this as for every £1 invested our sampling campaign delivered a fantastic £2.50 return, over £1.25 more than any of the other environments!

Of course every breakfast brand will want to achieve subtly different objectives – however when it comes to getting a morning meal into the hands of hungry consumers, it is clear that train stations are the best environment to deliver a sampling campaign.